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EmulPROM - PROM chips replacement kit

EmulPROM datasheet PDF download here

EmulPROM is an electronics kit designed to replace traditional PROM chips in DAR boards. It consists of two interconnected boards. First board contains all electronics while second one (called SoPROM) is interchangeable which makes EmulPROM compatible with all DAR boards (DAR1, DAR2, DAR3 and DAR4). EmulPROM is very easy to install and doesn’t require any special maintenance. Data stored there can downloaded via USB from any PC/laptop with the help of EmulPROM software.

Traditional PROM chips like AM27S29 and AM27S291 become obsolete and very hard to find. This means that finding replacement to the bad PROM chip will become impossible in near future rendering prober inoperable. Moreover if there PROM chips on DAR boards haven’t been backed up then loss of a single one will require complete reprofile of the system resulting in downtime and additional costs. EmulPROM overcomes these problems by being manufactured from modern easily available off-the-shelf components. Additionally when data is being downloaded into EmulPROM it is also saved on the local PC which means that even if electronics malfunctions it is easy to download the same data into next board. No reprofiling or downtime.

USB interface

EmulPROM has modern USB interface which allows it to be reprogrammed any number of times.


EmulPROM comes with simple and user friendly software. It allows to preview data and download it to the controller. Software automatically finds any connected contollers and backs up any downloaded data so it is safely stored on your PC.

Easy to install

EmulPROM is very easy to install making it possible to upgrade production machines with minimal downtime. It only takes few minutes to extract PROM chips from DAR boards and install EmulPROM instead. Then special splitter cable is connected to A2 motion board and boath EmulPROMs. And thats it. After the upgrade probe functions exactly the same way as before. No modifications to operation are required.


EmulPROM is compatible with following probers:

EG 2001 low res, EG 2001 high res, EG 2080, EG 4080, EG 4080u, EG 4090, EG 4090u.

It fits in DAR, DAR2, DAR3 and DAR4 with appropriate SoPROM board.



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More Info

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