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Automation for Science

Ascientific laboratory is unique place in many ways – the people that work in it, the equipment that can be found in it, the ideas that are being discussed in it – but the most amazing is the ability to get one logical result out from thousands of experiments. This is the sole purpose of the laboratory – to provide logical results, results which are based on repeatable and accurate experiments.

In order for the experiment to be considered scientific, the result must be expressed in recordable, repeatable data. Generally, results of the experiments are represented by a set of values measured over a period of time. The length of time can be as short as femtoseconds (10 -15 sec) or as long as days. Regardless of the period of time, the accuracy of the measurements should remain as good as possible. For this reason, equipment being used in research should be up to date and measurements should be as automated as possible.

XInstruments has a number of people with scientific backgrounds, thus we understand the peculiarities of the scientific world from the inside. We have a lot of experience in the automation of scientific equipment and laboratories. We understand the budgetary limitations of scientific organizations and universities – and can offer cost-effective, flexible solutions. We are really happy to offer you our services in automation for scientific purposes.

If you are interested in custom automation for scientific purposes, please contact us. If you want to know more about our work, please look into our Projects folder.