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Device Drivers

Device drivers are a set of low level functions which format messages sent by user applications to the hardware (or vice versa) using special rules that depend on (1) the device being used and (2) a communication bus. The bus specific sub-set of functions is operation system (OS) dependent, meaning communication rules are different in different operation systems. It is important to know what is required of the driver, what is expected load on the bus, what is anticipated response time and hundreds of other technical details.

Device drivers are software, and thus are prone to error. Device drivers need exacting design specifications, be coded efficiently, and be both effective and reliable. That is why we invest a lot of time testing our drivers. At XInstruments , we take in consideration our customers' requirements as well as equipment peculiarities.

As a result, our device drivers work reliably on different operation systems with different equipment. Device drivers developed by XInstruments are being used by thousands of end-users worldwide (Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Germany, France, United States, Canada, etc).

XInstruments understands the rising demand for drivers which work with Labview™ from National Instruments. We provide services of upgrading your existing drivers and making set of virtual instruments (vi), which make interaction between your Labview™ based application and device driver easy and transparent.

XInstruments also understands that providing the driver is not enough by itself. There should be a software development kit (SDK). We create example applications which help to integrate the device into final solution. We also write a user manual, containing detailed description of the functions contained within the device driver.

If you need a driver, want to modify existing one or want to have a Labview™ driver for your device contact us. If you want to know more about our work, please look into our Projects folder.