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Handheld Applications

Modern world requires efficiency. Specialization is one of the ways of achieving it. That's why we can see a lot of similar solutions of the same problem. A typical example is computers. They come in different shapes and sizes, have different configuration and are designed for different purposes.

Personal computers (PC), a small part of their big computer family, can be divided into the following large groups:

  • desktop PCs provide excellent price-to-performance ratio for home and office usage,
  • laptop PCs provide compactness and still reasonable price,
  • tablet PCs have additional touch screen functionality and
  • handheld PCs combine extremely small size and laptop comparable productivity.

Handheld (sometimes referred as pocket) PCs are quite inexpensive, lightweight, compact and also have a touch screen, built-in wireless and excellent design. Some of these features are of a major concern when space is of essence, others when appealing appearance is required. That's why handheld PCs can be used for automation in scientific laboratories, mobile test systems, trade show booths (handheld PCs are also a great marketing tool, since they look modern and give professional touch to your presentation).

Functionality of handheld PCs, as well as conventional PCs, is being determined by the functionality of software used. Software for handheld PCs can be written from a scratch as well as be imported from a conventional PC. In any case, handheld PC applications give an advantage of mobility to the final solution.

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