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Machine Vision

Recent advancements in processing power, image recording sensors and processing algorithms have made machine vision systems cost-effective and very popular. There are a lot of different branches of machine vision. Each of which is dedicated to the solution of a particular task. For instance vision inspection systems can be found on manufacturing plants where they help to sort out defected parts. Systems with online character recognition (OCR) algorithms can be found in scanners, PDA, hand writing recognition devices, etc. Surveillance and intrusion detection systems can be found virtually at any facility or store which has anything valuable inside. Military applications of machine vision include targeting and navigational systems. Space agencies use machine vision for automatic docking of space crafts and for autonomous rovers.

There are a number of ways where machine vision can prove useful; however, it is important to keep in mind that the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of machine vision depends on the software being used. That is why it is important to have software which will solve exactly the problem which is required to be solved.

XInstruments develop custom applications for machine vision tasks. Solutions created by XInstruments have proven to be working efficient and reliable. We specialize in development of software for industrial and scientific applications and offer you our services in creation of custom software that will work for your machine vision task.

If you are interested in custom software for machine vision applications, contact us. If you want to know more about our work, please look into our Projects folder.